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Queensland Rail Chooses Open Destinations Travel Studio System

Shahina Khatun



Queensland Rail is a major Australian railway operator and recently selected the Travel Studio enterprise technology platform as their new Travel Booking System for the longer distance travel as well as for tourism business. The multimillion dollar deal anticipates that the Queensland Rail enter into a long lasting partnership with the Open Destinations. Open Destinations is have several travel technology specialists who successfully have implemented the Travel Studio in more than 30 countries across the world. Open Destination will soon be supplying a filled SaaS solution to the Queensland Rail.

This partnership also strengthens the credentials of the Open Destinations as a leading technology supplier for the leisure rail businesses through the Travel Studio. Aside from the rail operators, the Travel Studio is an enterprise reservation system of the choice for a network of several tour operators, wholesalers and destination management companies around the entire world. They are also offering rich functionality for different travel providers.

Martin Ryan, who is the General Manager Travel and Tourism of the Queensland Rail Executive said that the demonstrated rail functionality which was offered by the Travel Studio and the experience which was offered by the Open Destinations had convinced to choose them as preferred supplier. He added that they was looking forward to that new partnership with the Open Destinations and they trusted that the partnership would aid the Queensland Rail Travel to provide a modern reservation experience for their customers via a newer booking system. That also included a more straight forward booking process as well as more timely communications with their customers.

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