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PreClear Protects US Business and Consumers from Counterfeit Goods

Shahina Khatun



The Founder of PreClear, named John Farley, stated that they were holding a public launch event of their patented PreClear technology that pushed out the border and also prevented infringing goods as well as potentially harmful goods from being exported to the United States. Farley explained that in recent months and weeks, the government reports and a White House executive order had been issued, Congressional legislation had introduced, and congressional hearings had conducted on the issue of false goods on online platforms and marketplaces. Their goal was to explain how their PreClear technology was already addressing that problem in China to prevent the export of counterfeit goods as well as other non-compliant products.

Farley also said that PreClear was already identifying the goods suspected of trademark and copyright infringements and items which were not in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration rules, Consumer Product Safety Commission rules, as well as the rules of other United States agencies like the FAA. If a seller or a shipper in China presented them with an item that PreClear technology deemed non-compliant, they rejected the items.

Farley also said that in view of the complaints by the intellectual and government property-owning community that there weren’t sufficient proactive efforts to prevent the entry of these goods into the stream of commerce, PreClear wanted them to know that they were proactive. With their technology, they had been proactive for several years.

Farley concluded by saying that the extreme question for the Government and intellectual property-owning community was – how much longer they would accept the excuse by some that the problem is quite big to address, and how much longer the consumers should be exploited and provided the dangerous and substandard products?

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