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PopSocket now wants to focus on beverages after achieving smashing success on smartphones

Daniel Scott




You must have heard about the new pop sensation accessory known as PopSockets. This equipment is very useful for using on smartphones as it essentially a smartphone holder. However, you get them in all shapes, sizes, colours, designs and more which make each one of them unique. Therefore, you can design your own and personalize it to your taste. Since it also comes in handy when you can’t hold your phone, it has gained success almost overnight.

Now, the mechanism for PopSocket is also simple where you have two steps to open the socket and then close it which makes it sit almost flush on the table. This means that you don’t need to carry a bulky case and this PopSocket can also be removed if you don’t need it anymore. Now that smartphones have seen all kinds of PopSockets and its makers have earned millions from it, they are now focusing on building PopSockets for beverages. Basically, we are soon going to see PopSockets used on soft drink and beer bottles as well. This will definitely make the bottles handy to hold but we are not sure if it is a great idea.

One of the use cases that PopSockets shows for its product named as PopThirst line is on coffee cups as well as LaCroix cans. Not only that, PopThirst line from PopSockets is available for pre-order as well for just $15 per piece and you can get them starting September 15.

Now, one of the problems with PopSocket even with all its success is that it is also the most imitated product out there. You can find a hundred different versions of the PopSocket and there is no way to know which is original and which one is not. Nonetheless, the company generated $90 million in profit last year so we don’t think they care much about it.

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