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PocketCasts, one of the best podcast app, goes freemium

Kenneth Fong



Pocket Casts

In recent times, the trend of podcasts has been growing rapidly. Basically, podcasts can be thought of as digital radio where you need to speak in the microphone and share your thoughts and opinions without facing the camera. Now, podcasts’ popularity has become one of the biggest reasons for people to switch to them who don’t like facing the camera or are not confident enough to do so. One of the things that also makes podcasts unique is that you can listen to them anywhere and everywhere. However, there is only one thing which you need to keep in mind.

Podcasts do not have a platform of their own so you will have to upload your Podcasts on a platform such as PocketCasts which has become most popular out there. PocketCasts is an application which was previously available on a paid basis where users had to buy the app and then, they can listen to any Podcast that they want as long as the Podcast is available on that platform. One of the biggest reasons why people loved PocketCasts was because of its design and functionality. Now, we are pleased to inform you that Pocket Casts can be downloaded for free starting today. However, this does not mean that the app has gone totally free and you can do whatever you want.

Instead, the model of Pocket Casts has been changed by the app’s developers. Pocket Casts has now become a freemium app which means that you are free to use this app but there are limitations. Therefore, you will need to subscribe to the Pocket Casts plan which cost $10 per month as per our knowledge. While the details of its subscription plans are not known yet, we can tell you that you can download this app and use it to see why people loved it so much.

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