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Phototheca v2019 Uses Deep Neural Networks for the Human and Pet Detection

Shahina Khatun



The phototheca app users, who have already got the benefits from the photo organization products features, will be able to manage and organize the photos more accurately and faster now. The major feature in this new version of Phototheca photo organizer is about the implementation of the “Deep Learning algorithms” to detect the face and to recognize the differences between cats and human.

Deep Learning was first emerged in the late 2000 and now there is a rebellious artificial intelligence technology which allows to train the artificial neural networks on a large volume of data. There are several innovations as well as advanced product features which are currently available like facial recognition on the Google, Facebook and the Apple’s Siri’s recognition of voice which are based on the Deep Learning.

This face recognition of technology in the Phototheca is providing more accurate result and recognition of the human faces in the photos to recognize the traditional object based on the Viola-Jones cascades of the classifiers, LBP or HoG methods. The Deep convolutional neural networks are utilized as the heart of this new technology and the neural network inside the Phototheca has been trained to detect the similar face in various poses, environments and light conditions. All these networks can easily identify any person in accurate and faster way. If a user install the Phototheca on his computer, then the app can import the photos and can allow the him to organize them through automatic and the semi-automatic modes to sort and arrange the photos.

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