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Peacemaker: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything you need to know




HBO Max is back with a new superhero series. The series, created by James Gunn, will hit the streaming platform on January 13, 2022. We all loved the Peacemaker in the recent suicide squad. It is some type of quirky spin with a bizarre storyline to amaze the viewers.

The series will have eight episodes. With James Gunn, Matt Miller, and Safran are executively producing the series. DC fans are ready to add the series to the list of superheroes.

What is the show going to be all about?

The Peacemakers will follow the storyline from the Suicide Squad. He will survive after having a building fall on him. However, he will continue to serve America. His job is to kill whoever the government wants. Peacemakers will also struggle with conscience in the movie. The series will also accompany other government agents.

John Cena

Who is the Star Cast in the Peacemaker?

The star cast for the show includes John Cena (Peacemaker), Steve Agee (John Economos), who is the warden of Belle Reve, Danielle Brooks (Leota Adebayo), Robert Patrick (Auggie Smith), who is playing Peacemaker’s father, Jennifer Holland (NSA agent Emilia Harcourt), Freddie Stroma (Vigilante), Chukwudi Iwuji (Clemson Murn), Annie Chang (Detective Shopie Song), Elizabeth Ludlow (keeya), Christopher Heyerdahl (Captain Locke) and last but not the least Rizwan Manji (Jamil).

Is the trailer for Peacemaker?

Yes, you can check out the trailer for Peacemaker. The trailer shows that the peacemaker is still working for Amanda Waller. However, the trailer shows him working with Emilia Harcourt and John Economos.

At the start of the trailer, John Cena is home with his father. The two seem to not have issues. The trailer also highlights the villains. They also call them “Butterflies” and threaten American citizens.

The viewers can also expect Peacemaker as a combination of comedy and action. With John Cena, it has a lot of fighting scenes.

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