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Paper Girls: Plot, Trailer, Cast, and All You Need to Know!



Paper Girls

Paper Girls will premiere on Amazon Prime on July 29th. The popular comic book series by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Cliff Chiang started in 2015. The screen adaptation was announced in 2019, and shooting started in 2020.

What is Paper Girls all about?

The show has a nostalgic resemblance to Stranger Things. The story is about a group of teenage Paper Girls set in 1980s Ohio. On Halloween, the town is invaded by never-seen-before visitors. Unfortunately, the girls caught up in a time war.

These characters are instantly relatable, built off of extremely popular archetypes. The chief protagonist, Erin Teing, is very much a self-insert character. Erin is a new girl and a classic heroine who reluctantly sweeps up in the story. Mackenzie Coyle is the classic, rebellious tomboy character. Karina balances the group with her smartness. Finally, Tiffany is the nerdy video game girl.

In Paper Girls, the time war takes place between the “old-timers” and the “teenagers”. Unfortunately, this group of teenage girls caught up in between the warring factions. However, they are trying to help older versions of themselves go through this war.

They come across a group of people trying to kill them because time travel is illegal. The four of them must put their differences aside and work together to get back to the past.

Though based on basic character structures seen repeatedly throughout all media, the archetypes lend reliability to the story and make for a very easy adaptation.

Who are starring in Paper Girls, releasing on Amazon Prime?

Riley Lai Nelet and Ali Wong will portray Erin Tieng. Nelet will play young Erin while Wong will play adult Erin. Camryn Jones will enact Tiffany Quilkin. Sofia Rosinsky will play Mac Coyle, while Fina Strazza will portray KJ Brandman.

Catch up with Paper Girls trailer here:

All the episodes will be available at once. It’ll be a great binge-watch.

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