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Online Medical Certifications during Pandemic Needs to Meet Requirement

Shahina Khatun



As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, online BCLS and ACLS certifications convenience for nurses and professional physicians still needs to fulfil requirements.

Healthcare professionals all over the world must change their way of business for the sake of the pandemic crisis. As working long hours in critical conditions may compromise their own safety. In these times of emergency, healthcare institutions like hospitals, urgent treatment centres, together with medical and nursing schools, must adapt and reduce some administrative and other demands., which is a leader in the online medical education sector, has risen to the issue of meeting the necessity of all healthcare providers. Now, providers are unable to attend various traditional, live programs to achieve credentials like Basic Life Support or Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Though the conventional method of achieving their new or renewal certifications is to be present in live, in-person courses including other hands-on skills, which surely is not recommendable practice due to social distancing purposes but also for healthcare provider’s availability to attend such programs at this critical time.

The coronavirus has created a necessity for qualified nurses and healthcare professionals who are eager to work in highly populated areas. But to do that, providers have to be able to comply as soon as possible with credential requirements when maximum in-person courses are unavailable. And when nursing and all medical schools have held to the traditional methods of BCLS and ACLS certifying their students before graduation, they must reconsiderthe method because of social distancing guidelines.

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