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OneCare Provides Free of Charge Special Program Making Isolation More Peaceful

Shahina Khatun



OneCare.Inc is providing its CareWatch and other Monthly Services for free to its users for the next eight weeks. The time limit may change with CDC regulations for social distancing. It is necessary for health professionals, caregivers and families to gain access to the social distancing solutions, especially during this time. is contributing to reducing the overall physical, psychological, spiritual, and economic effects of this social distancing or isolation. Karen Leeker, the managing partner of innovation, says that they are very pleased providing such services and being able to stand beside people. They are hoping for a great response from people.

OneCare’s CareWatch Platform is the first of its kind and is also the only stand-alone, certified direct cellular-connected wrist wearable even on the low power and special wide area network (LTE-M) in the world. Its powerful features set of health, wellness and confidence data which is powered by Microsoft Azure and IoT Hub. Microsoft Azure is the leading Healthcare Cloud Platforms and resides on the ATT LTE-M network.

Board member of OneCare and Medical Director and a recent COVID-19 sufferer has experienced the peace of mind that was brought to him and his family by CareWatch during his time in quarantine. He narrated that the effect was truly remarkable and being a physician, he added, he thought OneCare is about to change the traditional way the caregivers stay connected with their patients across the healthcare continuum.

To participate in this special program, an interested person may brows and place the order.

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