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Nicholas Actuarial Solutions Wins the Top Actuarial Firm in Asia 2019 Awards

Shahina Khatun



 An influential actuarial firm in the entire Asia named Nicholas Actuarial Solutions had been awarded the Top Actuarial Firm in Asia Captive Review Awards. It was chosen by a venerate panel of judges. The judges announced the award on 10th October at the award ceremony in the Fairmont, Singapore.

The Founder & Actuary Nicholas Yeo said that Nicholas Actuarial Solutions was quite pleased to be reputed for their efforts which further confirmed their leadership as well as the capabilities in actuarial field. Nichals Actuarial Solutions were glad to be recognized as the best actuarial firm in Asia and that was a testament to their client’s success as well as their trusts in their professional services. Nicholas personally leads the captive insurance practice also at Nicholas Actuarial Solutions. He further commented that in Asia, the captive market is gradually growing but at a faster pace. But the traditional insurance risk captive on the other hand is remaining popular and the clients of Nicholas Actuarial Solutions have already moved on to utilize the captives for risk management and are also including the financial operational risks.

Nicholas Actuarial Solutions is one and only actuarial firm in the Asia that arranges comprehensive and dedicated solutions to the captive insurance companies. Previously, in 2018, the firm established an excellent dedicated practice for the captive insurance and this year, in 2019, it has established offices throughout Singapore and in Labuan” – explained by Nicholas.

The Asia Captive Review Awards is the reward provider of the captive insurance services and products. They reward the firms who can outperform their competitors and can exhibit their excellence over the 12 months.

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