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NextHealth’s Executive Advisory Council Tackles How Payers Are Measuring and Optimizing the Clinical Portfolios for a Reduced Costs and Improved Outcomes

Shahina Khatun



The technologies of the NextHealth help several healthcare organizations to evaluate their whole portfolios of services, access and of course, cost rapidly to find out what can improve the affordability. NextHealth hosted the meeting of its Fall Executive Advisory Council in the Denver on 7th and 8th October 2019. The Council is consisted of the most influential executives of the healthcare whose companies represent more than 30% of all of the insured persons across the United States.

The members there gathered to discuss on the challenge of finding out the cost, quality of the provided care and the affordability of the costs in the array of clinical initiatives as well as in investment options. In reviewing the real-world case studies represented by the healthcare celebrity, members shared their best practices along with the technologies which are aiding them to measure and to optimize the initiative impacts. The results of the pre-event survey exposed that most of the members rated the organizational efficacy to advance an insight into the operational workflow only at 2.9 out of 5. 5 out of 5 in this case is regarded as the most effective while 1 out of 5 is the least effective. Factors that limit are,

  • Cultural resistance to change or the lack of stakeholder.
  • Decentralized or centralized governance.
  • Level of resource or investment which are required for the implementation.
  • Strategic importance to initiate.

Eric Grossman, the CEO of NextHealth said that together they had dug into a specific use cases to analyze as well as to examine learnings and had discussed the opportunities as well as the barriers. Plus they had explored the evolution of their analytics platform as a primary foundation to build a solid measurement as well as accountability. He added that he was humbled as well as honored to host a collaborative and an insightful group of healthcare leaders.

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