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News Hub Media Launches for Automated Image Enhancement

Shahina Khatun



News Hub Media which is an industry leader in the software solutions to design the production of automation as well as the digital management systems has announced the starting of It is an artificial intelligence which will perform as the Image Enhancement platform for the publishers, enterprises as well as the entrepreneurs. It is powered by automated image enhancement which is used by the major international and US publishers. The publishers include USA Today, Popular Science and the Organizacion Editorial Mexicana. The has approached to achieve a high quality image optimization that combines the image processing from the could with a predictive enhancement algorithms. This result is quite consistent as well as provides an exceptional image quality for the web, mobiles and for the print channels as well. It will function like an integral service for the publishers as well as for the businessmen to boost up their brands and increase their product awareness and also to advertise the sales.

Several studies show that the value of this high quality graphics and images drive the views of the websites, print media sales and increase search results. Even these can increase the product and mobile brand awareness. It is an image enhancement platform that is built to support both enterprises and the publishers. Even it supports the entrepreneurs. Richard Laframboise, the President of the News Hub Media said that image quality is the most important ingredient to create engaging and unique print, mobile or web content and is a high performance image enhancement platform which will deliver high quality graphics and images.

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