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New York Imaging Specialists Has Announced Grand Opening in the Port Jefferson Station

Shahina Khatun



New York Imaging Specialists has announced the grand opening of the modern facilities at the 1500 Route 112, Building 2A in the Port Jefferson Station of New York.

The New York Imaging Specialists have featured several board certified radiologists along with some latest imaging equipment. The ACR-accredited facility uses Computed Tomography (CT), PET/CT Scanner, the Ultrasound and PET/Bone scanner. In addition, the office will soon offer the radionuclide therapy that utilizes the radiopharmaceutical drugs to the tumors and can decrease the spread of the radiation.

According to Dr. Tony Abraham, one of the New York Imaging Specialists has addressed the concerns of the patients considering the exposure to the radiation by stick to the protocols. In addition to this, Dr. Abraham also prides himself by putting his patients at ease when he runs the radiation treatment. He said that after discussing about the advantages of the radiation, he liked to explain through the diagnostic imaging how the amount of the radiation the patients were exposed to.

Last December, the discovery of the IQ PET/CT Scanner was revealed in the office of Southampton at the 640 Country Road 39, Southampton in New York. It is the one and only of the kind on the Eastern Long Island that drastically decreases the distance that the patients needed to go to get the treatment. Now, with this 2 locations: Southampton and the Port Jefferson Station, the New York Imaging Specialists is gradually expanding the reach across the Suffolk Country.

You can also visit to their official website to know more.

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