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New AHRQ Report Highlights Positive Patient Outcomes from Utilizing Home Respiratory Therapies

Shahina Khatun



The Council for Quality Respiratory Care is a coalition of the nation’s leading home oxygen therapy provider as well as manufacturing companies. It has acknowledged the latest report of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which found the patients using home respiratory therapies tend to experience better health outcomes than the patients who don’t.

The AHRQ is an agency housed within the United States Department of Health and Human Services that analyzed around 68 studies which cover 53,733 patients to evacuate home noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in the adults with the chronic respiratory failure regarding continuation, effectiveness, initiation, equipment parameters, adverse events, and required respiratory services. Specifically, the agency examined home mechanical ventilators (HMV), bi-level positive airway pressure devices as well as continuous positive airway pressure devices.

According to the study, the home respiratory therapies were related to various positive patient outcomes, underscoring their importance for the Americans with some serious chronic respiratory illnesses. Particularly, the patients with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder who utilized BPAP device experienced lower intubations, mortality, and hospital admissions compared to COPD patients who didn’t use a device. On the other hand, patients who used HMV experienced fewer hospital admissions.

Moreover, the AHRQ closely examined the patients with the restrictive thoracic diseases and found that the HMV was associated with lower mortality. For patients with neuromuscular diseases, home BPAP was related to lower mortality and better quality of life. On the other hand, patients with obesity hypoventilation syndrome who used a combination of BPAP and HMV, reported lower mortality rates comparing to the patients who didn’t use any form of NIPPV.

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