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Netflix Had the Most Golden Globe Nominations, but AT&T Brought Home the Most Trophies

Shahina Khatun



Netflix may have acquired the highest score in most of the nominations of 2020 Golden Globes, but it was the Disney, Sony, AT&T and ViacomCBS which actually won that night. The streaming service had accumulated around 17 nominations and most of them are single studios including nominations for 4 best pictures, but during the Sunday ceremony, it accumulated only 2 trophies. In a drama of TV series for the portrayal of the Queen Elizabeth II in the series “The Crown”, Olivia Coleman had won the trophy for being the best actress, and Laura Dern, on the other hand, won trophy for being the best supportive actress for the role in the series “Marriage Story”.

HBO had the 2nd highest number of the nominations having the number 15. It earned 4 awards, and the show “Succession” won the best TV drama series. Besides, Brian Cox was also got the award for being the best actor in the similar category for his role as fictional Logan Roy, who is the patriarch of Roy family as well as the head of Waystar Royco.

Furthermore, the “Chernobyl” run by HBO also won the award for the best limited series/TV movie. Stellan Skarsgard had achieved the best performance in the limited series for the character of the Boris Shcherbina, the Council of the Miniters’ deputy chairman in the Chernobyl diseaster.

Adding the best score as well as the best actor in a drama wins the “Joker”, “AT&T” which also owns both the HBO and Warner Bros. and took the home 6 awards during the entire eremony – the most of any media firm.

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