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Netflix Brings Us A Brand New Show ‘Q-Force’ – Latest Updates!



Netflix Brings Us A Brand New Show 'Q-Force' - Latest Updates!

What is the show about? Is it worth watching? When is it releasing? Let us find out everything about Q-Force!

Q-Force is an adult animated comedy series on Netflix. In April 2019, Netflix ordered 10 episodes of the series, with Gabe Liedman as showrunner, along with Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, and others as executive producers.

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What is the show about?

This series is about a group of undervalued LGBT superspies and is centered on a gay secret agent who is like James Bond, Steve Marywhether, as they try to prove themselves on personal and professional adventures. One day, Mary decides to prove himself to the American Intelligence Agency, solve a case, and get the approval of the agency, but they have to add a new member to their team, a straight guy.

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Official Release Date of Q-Force Season 1

The wait is finally over! Here is good news for all of you. Season 1 premieres on 2 September 2021 only on Netflix. Save the date!

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Let Us Have A Look At The Official Teaser Of Season 1

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Voice Cast and Characters of Q-Force Season 1

On the show, we will be having Steve Maryweather voiced by Sean Hayes, Director Dirk Chunley voiced by Gary Cole, and Agent Rick Buck voiced by David Harbour. Also, we have Stat voiced by Patti Harrison, V voiced by Laurie Metcalf, and Twink voiced by Matt Rogers. Also, we will be having Wanda Sykes as Deb, Gabe Liedman as Benji, and many others on the show.

So, how much time left until 2 September 2021?