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National Brain Injury Institute Has Announced Campaign for Concussion Protocol Act with White House Petition

Shahina Khatun



The Founder and CEO of the National Brain Injury Institute, named Dr. Huma Haider, today has announced a national campaign to have a Concussion Protocol Act passed for the everyday American. Dr. Haider said that traumatic brain injury affects the lives of more than 3 million patients as well as their families annually in the United States. They were excited since, for the previous two years, they had been developing the use of the FDA Cleared imaging for diagnosing Mild TBI.

This is notable because most of the TBI patients across America have what was known as the Mild TBI. There is also a moderate and severe TBI, with severe being apparent structural damage to the brain as well as skull. However, the problem is about the damage which is associated with the symptoms of Mild RBI is microscopic and hardly if ever is noticed by the traditional CT scans or MRI.

Dr. Haider continued and said that with the Mild TBI, the symptoms could be severe and debilitating. That was only mild when comparing to the Severe TBI or if you are not the one suffering from that. The issue with the TBI was about the traditional diagnosis, which involves both CT scan and MRI. Both are great for discovering any sort of tumor in the brain, and even if a smaller tear in a shoulder tendon, but they didn’t afford the microscopic view needed to match up the TBI diagnosis properly with the symptoms in white matter tracts of the brain.

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