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Naomi Premiere: Release date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, and other details




CW is all set to blow us awry with a New Superhero series. The series’ official tagline represents Naomi as “a cool, confident, comic book-loving destiny”. The main character is set to uncover the truth about a supernatural event.

It is good news for DC fans. The new year brings in a New Superhero. It will follow the journey of the main character Naomi pursuing her adventurous destiny. The show is co-produced by Sarah Bremmer, Jill Blankenship, and Paul Garnes.

What is the show all about?

Based on DC Comics’ 2019 comic book series written by Brian Michael Brendis and David F. Walker. Naomi’s character was the first issue in the name of her very own comic. It called her the “Last child born to beings in an alternative universe.”

In the series, Naomi will represent an effortlessly cool high school teenager. She is an adopted daughter of doting parents. Suddenly, a natural event breaks down, leading to the discovery of her power. Also, she is all set to move on to her hidden destiny.

The cast for the show is handpicked to awe the viewers. Alexander Wraith, also seen in Orange Is the New Black, will play Dee. However, he is the owner of a tattoo parlor in the town. Cranston Johnson from Euphoria will play the role of Zumbado. Zumbado is a mysterious owner of a used car shop.

Camila Moreno who played Lourdes. Her character also has a sarcastic sense of humor. And shares obsession with classic comics. Last but not least, Kaci Walfall plays the main lead.

Naomi cast

When does Naomi premiere, and where?

All the DC fans can watch the show on CW. The series will premiere on 11th January at 9 P.M EST/PST. However, there will be a total of 13 episodes. New episodes are out every Monday.

Is there any trailer out for Naomi by CW?

Yes, the trailer is available on the streaming platforms. It was a huge hit among the DC and Non-DC fans. The trailer also showcases the encounter of Naomi with her inner power. It leaves the viewer with various questions. It traces the history of Naomi’s existence. And how she connects with the multiverse.

This series will be a great addition to DC’s superhero slate. Be ready to amaze yourself with the life of a teenage girl with superpowers.

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