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Moonhaven: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast, Plot, and more




AMC is back with another thriller series, Moonhaven. The series is set on the destruction of Mother Earth and people finding a new place to live. Moon serves the purpose.

What is the synopsis of Moonhaven?

The series revolves around the protagonist named Bella Sway. She is a lunar cargo pilot. Unfortunately, she is also a smuggler and is 100 years in the future. We will also see her accused of a crime in Moonhaven. The series will highlight a utopian community established on Moon. The community is in the 500-square mile “Garden of Eden”.

They are trying to find a solution to the civilization problem, which is going to end on Mother Earth. The series features a skeptical portrayal of paradise. We will see the protagonist tied up in the conspiracy. We will also see her teaming up with a local detective to resolve everything. They will try to stop the destruction of planet earth.

Who all are starring in the upcoming series Moonhaven releasing on AMC+, July 7?

The series features an amazing star cast. We will see Emma McDonald taking the role of protagonist Bella Sway. She is a lunar cargo pilot. We will also see Joe Manganiello in the character of Tomm Schultz.

We will have Ayelet Zurer in the role of Maite Voss. Eva Magyar will be reprising her role as Ennis. We will also see Dominic Monoghan in the character of Paul Serno. Amara Karan is taking the character of Indira Mare. And Kadeem Hardison will be in the character of Arlo.

Is the trailer for the series Moonhaven out yet?

Yes, the trailer is up and running on all streaming platforms.

In the trailer, we can see how Earth’s future is in danger. There is also a formation of the cult on the Moon. It goes with a phrase, “Darkness finds a way”. It is going to get us thrilled!

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