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Monterey First Theatre Receives Federal Grant

Shahina Khatun



MSHPA, The Monterey State Historic Park Association and the California State Parks are now working together to renovate the First Theatre of California as a capital for the community which will facilitate the education, interpretation, performances as well as the special events that will meet the shared vision to sustain and preserve the distinctive history of Monterey. The First Theatre is basically a part of the Monterey State Historic Park and this is a unit of the California State Parks. The Monterey State Historic Park Association recently has received an amount of $194,360 through the grant program of “Save America’s Treasures” which was funded by Historic Preservation fund, plus was administered by National Park Service. To upgrade the California First Theatre, MSHPA is now contributing addition $194,360 in Monterey. The First Theatre of California documented their first production on 11th February 1850. The Co-President of MSHPA named Lee Henderson said that they were glad to get the award and were excited to work together with MSHP on their shared vision for the California’s First Theatre.

MSHPA (The Monterey State Historic Park Association) is a partner and a fundraiser of the Monterey State Park. The mission of Monterey State Park is to conserve the historical buildings as well as the cultural heritage of the Monterey in California. MSHPA, on the other hand, is a great collection of fascinating houses and buildings from the early days of California and these buildings are totally interspersed across the Old Monterey. All of these buildings and houses are regarded as a part of Old Monterey Town Historic District.

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