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Mission Microwave Is Now Supporting the Terminal Upgrade Program from Envistacom SATCOM

Shahina Khatun



Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC is a manufacturer of highly effective Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) and Envistacom, which is an influential provider of communications, cyber and intelligence operations solutions to the United States. DoD has confirmed the first orders of a key satellite ground terminal upgrade program for the US Government customer.

Envistacom had made a partnership with Mission Microwave to build a chance for their customer to substitute the legacy travelling wave tube amplifiers-based Block Up Converters (BUCs) with the state of the art Solid State BUCs based on Gallium Nitride semiconductor technology. The upgrade platforms include around 200 tactical terminals in support of the Project Manager Mission Network of the US Army.

Mission Microwave is supplying Envistacom with around 200 Watt Ku-Band and 50 Watt Ka-band BUCs to substitute the legacy TWTA based up convertors. The industry of Mission Microwave has activated the Envistacom to offer their customer an advanced path, which will increase the life and utility of the Tactical SATCOM terminal fleet of more than 600 terminals. If it is taken to completion, the advanced program can result in orders of $44 million for the Mission Microwave.

The Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Mission microwave named Steve Richeson said that the end-users of their products depend on the proven SATCOM system providers like the Envistacom to get the advantages of the Solid State designs to the tactical edge. They had worked with the engineering team of Envistacom to locate the complexities of the upgrade and certification process for those terminals.

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