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Minx: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast, and other updates




Minx season 1 will release on HBO Max on 17th March 2022. The provocative concept follows the eager anticipation. It is from Paul Feig’s studio. The Spy and the Heat. From his previous work on popular female-led comedy, the audience should anticipate nothing but the best.

What is the synopsis of Minx?

Minx will follow the storyline of aspiring feminist Joyce. There will be a lot of social happenings in the series. It is also going to the height of second-wave feminism. She finds a business partner Doug. He is a low-rent publisher and together. They create the first erotic magazine for women.

The series will definitely try to change the shift from male gaze to female. It will have 10 episodes. The series will also highlight Los Angeles in the 1970s with increasing sexual publication.

Minx Scene

Who all are starring in the upcoming Minx series?

Ellen Rapport created and wrote the new series, “Minx”. Ophelia Lovibond will be Joyce. She is a young feminist writer. She tried creating the first erotic magazine for women. Also, she does with it low-rent publisher Doug. Doug will be played by Johnson.

Johnson will also be the co-executive producer in the series. Idara Victor will be Tina. She worked in Rizzoli & Isles. The righteous gemstones star Jessica Lowe will be Bambi. The best friend forever’s Lennon Parham will be Shelly. Michael Angarano will take the role of Glen. The comedian Oscar Montoya will be Richie. The kissing Booth’s Taylor Zalhar Perez will be in the role of Shane. Paul Feig will also serve as executive producer Love Life’s Dan Magnante.

Is the trailer for Minx out yet?

Yes, the trailer for Minx is already out. It highlights the story of a young feminist trying to prove her point by creating a magazine for women. It also displays all the troubles she goes through as a woman to deal with all the problems.

Minx is a lovable sitcom of women trying to do something good for women in a male fraternizing industry.

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