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Millionaire Masterminds Have Launched the Insurance Lead Genie

Shahina Khatun



Sean Matheis has made a mark on the insurance industry once again with The Insurance Lead Genie system after working together with over 1,800 agency owners for the previous five years and building the greatest insurance marketing mastermind in the world. Surely, this insurance industry is one of the largest industries in this world and spends a lot of money than any other industry. The marketing industry has been serving the individual agency owner, and Sean Matheis has dedicated his entire career to innovative marketing strategies for the individual agency owner to aid the front-line agency force to develop their agency.

The Insurance Lead Genie is the first turn-key fully automated marketing automation platform of the industry, which is entirely managed by a group of dedicated marketing professionals. With the system launched in 2019 December, the SaaS is becoming the quickest growing platform in the industry rapidly by attracting thousands of agents from a wide range of carriers from both independent and captive groups. The system boasts of over a dozen of workflows as well as automation triggers by allowing the agents to manage as well as to prospect their total database on autopilot. The Insurance Lead Genie will follow up systematically with the entire database until the contact is prepared to get a quote, at which point the Lead Genie will ensure the agency in real-time of sales opportunity. Since the insurance industry continues to remain one of the most competitive industries on the planet, the technology couldn’t have come at a better time, not only to help the agent but also to enhance the experience of the customers.

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