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Migration Monster Has Launched an Outlook Profile Editor Tool

Shahina Khatun



Migration Monster is the trading name of the Cloud Clarity Ltd., and they have just released a newer tool which can automate the entire procedure of upgrading the Outlook profiles amazingly each time. It means that one can easily change one or even hundreds of the outlook profiles. For instance, of you are thinking to do a migration over an entire weekend and also have around 50 desktops to pay a visit for updating the outlook to point to newer email server for every user, then you can utilize this tool to upgrade every outlook profile without visiting each device.

As soon as the user logins, a script will start running on the user account to divert the outlook to a newer email server. The Technical Director at the Migration Monster named Paul Sturges said that they had wanted that tool to be very simple but powerful to handle the time-consuming and the frustrating tasks for managing the outlook client settings in a brilliant way. He also said that with a design alike to the versions of outlook, the settings have something more meaning by making the entire tools easier to utilize.

A free trial version of the Outlook Profile Editor tool is also available to try before purchasing the licenses.

Migration Monster is an easier, faster and a secured cloud-based email migration tool which is suited for every types of business. Moreover, it is developed and designed by the experienced cloud entrepreneurs to satisfy the needs of the large-scale migration of the mailboxes with a higher accuracy and speed at a lower cost.

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