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Metro Safety Offers Comprehensive Work Place Safety Courses for Burn Management, Wound Care and Other Medical Conditions

Shahina Khatun



According to WHO (World Health Organization), the burns are now the 5th most popular cause of the non-fatal injuries which is even more common among the children. Worldwide, burn is responsible for around 180,000 deaths per year. To overcome this issue across Canada, the Metro Safety Training has already dedicated the effort to give proper safety course for the burns as well as wounds.

A representative of the company to amplify the issue said that burns can affect either the surface of the skin or even can penetrate the layer of the skin which can cause a notable damage to the body based on severity. At the Metro Safety Training, they equip each individual to aid themselves and the peers until they rush to the hospitals. The course related to burns are quite accredited with Canadian Red Cross and are easily accessible to every person.

The medical emergencies such as the burns and injuries are quite common at various workplaces. These emergencies aren’t limited to the slips, falls and physical injuries. The employees can also find themselves faced with every type of medical emergencies which also include asthma, heart attack, burns, epilepsy as well as panic attacks. Furthermore, most conventional 1st aid kits aren’t quite helpful in these cases, and this is why the workplace safety issues continue to become a problem. The Metro Safety Training focuses to make the Canadian workplaces more secure by mentioning all those concerns. Their curriculum is now extensive and the deals with every type of wounds, burns and injuries.

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