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Matthew Prinn of RFP Advisory Group Authors 4th Most Popular Legal Marketing Blog Post of 2019 for the Attorney at Work

Shahina Khatun



Matthew Prinn, the principal of the RFP Advisory Group had authored the 4th most demanded and read marketing blog post of the year 2019 for the law blog named – Attorney at Work. However, the blog post is indeed a legal one. The post had the title of “5 Questions to Ask Before Responding to the RFP.” The post basically concentrates on the questions that the law companies or firms should consider before making sure to move on with the RFP response. With the expansion in the volume of the RFPs hitting the entire legal market, it is very important that the law companies have a solid way in place which can evaluate each and every chance.

Attorney at the Work is like a blog which provides several tips on a daily basis about the law practice. In every morning, the subscribers of the Attorney at Work get a free Daily Dispatch email with a URL to the post of the day – it sounds the ideas on anything from getting the clients to solve the “slammed with work but chronically on a short period” dilemma. At the Attorney at Work, the main aim is to provide their subscriber the correct information as well as inspiration that he needs to build a law practice along with a life that he prefers to live.

The RFP Advisory Group is like a consulting company which emphasizes in request for the proposals in legal industries. Besides, they also provide the RFP focused consulting services to the sellers as well as the buyers of the legal services.

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