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Marz, Clark, Moussa, Nowlan are at 2019 Wizard World Austin, November 8 to 10

Shahina Khatun



Ron Marz, Jeremy Clark, Mostafa Moussa, Kevin Nowlan, Joe Wos and Ray Wenck, the industry veterans are now among the leading builders to populate the Artist Alley at 10th annual Wizard World Austin at Austin Convention Center in 8to 10 November. They had the following role in comic cartoon:

  • Ron Marz – Silver Surfer, Thor
  • Jeremy Clark – Grimm Fairy Tales, Day of the dead
  • Mostafa Moussa – Superman, Fantastic Four
  • Kevin Nowlan – Batman: Sword of Azrael, Batman: The animated series
  • Joe Wos – Mazetoons, An animation celebration: the top 100 animated TV characters
  • Ray Wenck – Random survival series, Ghost of a chance

Besides, the weekend will feature several exhibitions along with discussions at Creative Stage and there will be local Austin-area creators too. There are other significant writers and artists among them are,

  • Rick Leonardi – Spider man, X-men
  • Lawrence Reynolds – Star Wars, Marvel
  • Michael Calero – Tandar, All New Fathom
  • Jerry Pesce – PescEffects
  • Jessica Von Braun – Greystone Valley series, Dollface

Furthermore, others like

  • Julia Mann – Sketches
  • Billi Capman – Accessories
  • Theresa Schlossberg – Fine arts
  • KM Tolan – Blade Dancer, Tracks
  • Jason Staten – Crystals, Figurines
  • Kim Sanchez – Sewing
  • Patti Bonham – Ornaments, Canvas art
  • Henry Melton – Dragon, Analog
  • Clinton Farley – Hell on Earth, Wolfsbane
  • Chris Pilch – Rick and Morty cards, Steven Universe
  • Dina Porter – Crochet
  • Annie Lewis – Illustrations
  • Phillip Peguero – Illustrations
  • Lucas Mangum – Flesh and Fire, mania

The rest of the 3 named Tanya Davis, Larena Hanna and Christine Paterson will exhibit “Figurines”.
This Wizard World event is going to bring the thousands of fans together to celebrate television, movies, gaming, entertainment, comics, sci-fi, toys, novels, contests, original arts and more.

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