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Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring

Navneet Chawla



Your sales force

Once you say “trade,” you mean “money.” It is true that investing in a business produces results, but when you start, you may not have the money in a bank to spend. Or you may have a good budget, but there is a double cost that will cost you little or nothing that can be done regardless of your limited time.

As a team!

Establishing a good relationship with other companies that offer you gifts is a great way to start a new business. Make a list of what the buyer of your product or service can offer in the market. For example, if you are an IT company, think about the other services your customers are currently purchasing: Can you collaborate with a commercial cleaning company to build a brand among your peers? You can create a co-flyer (you pay half for design and printing) that you can hand out to your fellow clients, one part provides water cleaning for your office and the other part for your clean IT!

Other examples might be a browser creating a conversion network of other clients, a photographer and florist, a business consultant, and a payer.

Create a script

If you sell more than one product, where the only real selling point is investment time, you should consider offering coupons to promote people getting your service. For example, 30% of your carpet is cleaned for the first time; Buy one consultation period and get a second free follow-up period; Get your fifth lesson free when you request four.

Ask local stores and businesses if you can leave these coupons on your table, give them to friends and family to pass on, and don’t forget your current customers; If you have any market of happy people, they will be happy to help you. , having something physical that will happen can push them to do this.

Tell your customers now

It’s easier to get work from your current users than it is to find new clients. If you have a small business, it’s easy to check your customer list all the time and follow up on the people you haven’t talked to in a timely manner. The “how” to make a quick phone or email call can make customers less comfortable and ensure that you are their first choice.

A good trick to making a personal contact email look like is to find the last message that was sent to you and then reply to it using sensitive information instead of initiating a vision. Then they’ll know that you care what they think, don’t just send a great email to your customers.


Which customers do you use for a single product or service when they can use it for multiple products?

Do not miss any opportunity to promote-promote your work among your clients. List of all your activities in your email; When you send invoices, you fall in love with the impressions of other things your business does, too; If you have a waiting room or hallway, try putting a sticker on your workbook.

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