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Mamour Brings Forth a New Concept in Product Sampling

Shahina Khatun



A gift bag specialist, Mamour is going to introduce an authentic concept in sampling products that process and perform various steps from taking the product out of the store to providing to the customer’s hands. This will be a customizable tote bags with enticing samples from different partner brands- sponsored gift bag which can be used by anyone and for any occasion from wedding to different business conventions.

This is a kind of targeted sampling that is free for brands and totally beneficial to consumers and never been done before.

To get their products to consumer’s hands, not following the traditional ways of grocery channels, is an overwhelming necessity for brands. This new concept will enable the event host to influence and target a different sampling network.

Mamour is a modern gifting way. Consumers get to choose their gifting experience by choosing a pricing tier. Then they customize a toe bag according to their needs and personal style. The totes will arrive at their doors and it will be filled with goods from Mamour partner companies.

With this process company and brands can provide samples to a broad number of probable customers

on the eve of their most significant moments. That will build an unmistakable positive customer impression.

Thus, the relationship between brands and consumers will be benefitted mutually. Mamour has already secured a partnership with companies and brands looking for such opportunities to sample products. These product sampling will be randomized according to the pricing tier customers select. So, there will be equal opportunity for all partners.

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