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MAi Research Has Found the Possible Behavior of Consumer after the COVID-19 Crisis

Shahina Khatun



The majority of consumers, approximately 85% expect the coronavirus outbreak to have the consequence on the society after it has surpassed. Also, another major part (69%) have reported that there will be an impact on “how they conduct themselves personally say to day”. The question is – what kind of impact are they speaking of?

The research was conducted among 1,300 consumers throughout the United States that produce the following –

Going out by Staying in: Consumers will shift the way they appear conventionally social activities like dining out, shopping, travel, and attending bigger gatherings that are hoped to increase the trend to the remote participation, lingering distrust of bigger gatherings, and online shopping delivery.

However, there are wider implications of those findings for the industries and brands searching for thriving in the upcoming months? But the question is – what are those implications? Here are some implications: Marketing to the COVID-19 consciousness consumers necessitates a shift in message or tone.

Concentrating on the advantages of two dimensional vs three dimensional benefits mean several brands that rely on in-person interaction need to communicate in a creative way after the COVID-19 crisis.

Rob Pascale, the President MAi Chief Research Officer at the Pathfinder Analytics, said that the cautious mindset, which was being the new norm these days, might be driven by visceral emotion by the rational thought. Those emotional overtones could have marked a remarkable and possibly long-lasting shift in the way how some of the consumers feel their lives and the world around them. By tapping into that new emotional posture might be important for marketers looking to communicate with the consumers.

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