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Maggie: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast, Synopsis, and Everything You Need to Know!




Maggie is a fun comic series featuring a psychic of the same name. Justin Adler and Maggie Mull are the co-writers and producers of the series. You can watch the series on Hulu from July 06, 2022.

What is the synopsis of the upcoming series ” Maggie” on Hulu?

The story will revolve around the life of a young psychic named “Maggie” She is single and looking for love. She also has psychic abilities and can see the future.

Everything changes when one day, a customer named Ben comes to her. She sees herself in his future. The comic punchlines and tragedy make the series interesting.

Who all are starring in the upcoming series on Hulu?

The star cast of Maggie includes some amazing actors. We will see Rebecca Rittenhouse. She will also be playing the role of Maggie. However, her character is the protagonist in the series. She is psychic in the series.

We love her from “Four Wedding and a Funeral”. The series will also feature David Del Rio in the character of Ben. His character will play the role of opposite Maggie. We saw David in Pitch Perfect.

We will see Kerri Kenney in the character of Maggie’s Mom. And Chris Eliott will be taking the role of her dad. Nichole Sakura will be playing the role of Louise. We will also have Ray ford playing the role of Maggie’s Mentos.

The other cast includes Angelique Cabral in the role of Ben’s sister “Amy”. Her character is a vegan Instagrammer. Leonardo Nam will be taking the role of Amy’s husband. He is an artist. Chloe Bridges will be the girlfriend of Ben. Her character’s name is Jessie.

Is the trailer for the upcoming series “Maggie realising on Hulu on July 6 out yet?

Yes, the trailer is out on all streaming platforms.

You can also watch the series on Hulu from July 06, 2022. The series is about a young psychic and how her life changes with one customer.

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