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Luminit Automotive Technologies Signs Contract with the Top Tier 1 Automative Lighting Supplier

Shahina Khatun



Limnit Automotive Technologies is a privately held optics and a micro-optic manufacturer whose headquarter is in Hsinchu of Taiwan. Today, it has confirmed a deal with the top tier automotive lighting dealer for 2020-2021 production of European luxury brand vehicle. A chiefin the field of the microstructure fabrication and mastering, the CIM parts usher (Curved Injection Molded) of the Limnit Automotive Technologies in the following generation of the automotive lighting for the Tier  dealer seeking a highly efficient and a uniform LED daytime running as well as rear the combination lights.

The President and CEO of Luminit Automotive Technologies named Stanley Kao said that the emergence of the LEDs in the automotive lighting was giving the engineers more freedom to design the fluid taillights and the daytime running lights which were as fashionable as they were functional. He added that theur Curved Injection Molded process could also record the microstructures on any kind of surface, so the diffusion was consistent from each angle. He also said that more than Tier 1 suppliers were discovering the advantages to the CIM brought to the design table as that allowed more beam angle control and finally a good looking assembly which the consumers were coming to hope. He concluded by saying that it’s a new era in the automotive lighting and they are very excited to be a portion of that. Luminit Automotive Technologies has additional manufacturing advantages in the Kunshan of China and an advocating R&D team in the Torrance of California.

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