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Love, Victor (Season 3): Release Date, Trailers, Star cast, and All You Need to Know!



Love, Victor

Yes, you heard it right. Your favorite teen show is back. The show hit the hearts of the fan in the last season and is back again in another blockbuster season. With all the confusion in the last episode of Season 2, this season will answer all those complicated questions. Love, Victor (Season 3) will release right in the middle of pride month. This can’t become more special.

Who all are starring in the upcoming series, Love, Victor (Season 3) Hulu releasing on June 15?

The star cast will remain almost the same. We can’t confirm Mia and Andrew. In the last season, Mia Brooks played the role of Mia. But, we will see Michael Cimino continue in the role of Victor Salazar. Anthony Turpel will be in the character of Felix Wetsen. We will also see Bebe Wood in the role of Lake Meriweather.

George Sear will be in the character of Benji Cambell. We will also see Isabella Ferriera in the character of Pilar Salazar. We will see Anthony Keyvan playing the role of Rahim. Ava Capri will be Lucy. Mateo Fernandez is in the role of Adrian Salazar. James Martinex will be Armando Salazar. Ana Ortiz will adorn the character of Isabel Salazar.

Love, Victor (Season 3)

What is the synopsis of the upcoming season 3, Love, Victor?

With last season leaving us on the bridge, this season is going to be more exciting. We will see all the characters going through difficulties and having to make life decisions. The last season left us with the question of whether or not Victor will date the new character Rahim. Let’s see what this beautiful season will swirl us into.

Is the trailer for the series Love, Victor out yet?

Yes, the trailer is out by Hulu on YouTube and all the other streaming platforms. Hulu also released four photos. One of them points out toward a love triangle but let’s see what happens.

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