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Lite Run Appoints Wei-En Tan, Ph.D. as CEO

Shahina Khatun



Lite Run, Inc., the creator of the FDA-listed spacesuit innovation intended to “slimming” patients and provide effective rehabilitation for stroke patients and spinal cord injuries so they can walk again, today announced that Wei-En Tan, Ph.D. joined as CEO. Dr. Tan’s appointment began on January 27, 2020.

President and chairman of the board, John Hauk, said, “We are very pleased to have Wei-En at Lite Run.” “Wei-En’s vast experience in business development, sales and investment/operations will take Lite Run to a new level as we move from product development to global commercialization. Wei-En will assist us with building the organization’s partnerships, develop strategic alliances and quickly expand our growth. We expect her strong leadership experience will help Lite Run focus on growth and key milestones.”

Dr. Tan is experienced over 15 years in technology, healthcare and aerospace, including a decade of strategic development and doing business globally. Most recently, Dr. Tan was the co-founder, president and CEO of Visla Labs and driven the key, promoting and business development of huge global partnerships, venture assets, just as new businesses in quickening agents, from Honeywell and Joule Assets to MACH Energy, incorporating leading over $450M in deals in N. America and establishments in more than 60 areas universally in N. America, Europe and Asia. Dr. Tan has served on the board of directors and has been a consultant to Visla Labs, Open Jet, and Taxfyle.

“I am very happy to join the Lite Run team,” said Dr. Tan. “I believe Lite Run has a top tier product with great growth opportunities. Particularly, Lite Run technology helps to increase efficiency and lessen the time required for rehabilitation, and will assist numerous patients to start walking again, which in many views is a reward in itself.”

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