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Light the Night Part 3: Release Date, Trailers, Star Cast, and other details



Light the Night

Netflix is back with the newest season of Light the Night. The mystery thriller will release on 18th March 2022. The first two-part were exciting and enchanting, highlighting the life of 1980s women in Taipei’s red-light area. The mystery drama takes its origin in Taiwan. Following the life

What is the plot of Part 3, Light the Night?

The latest season will be more suspenseful and mysterious than any other part. This season will feature the unraveling of the secrets around Sue’s death. Rose and Sue’s friendship will be taking turns. And, various disturbing content will come into the display.

It will answer the various question of whether Chiang Han survived or not? Part 2 left us at a cliff-hanger, and we expect this season to get all the details to Sue’s Death.

Who all are starring in the Light the Night: Part 3?

The season will continue to go on with the last season’s actors. Ruby Lin will continue in the role of Lo Yu-nung/ Rose. She outcasted herself in the last two seasons. Yo Yang will be Pan Wen-cheng. Derek Chang will be embodying the role of He Yu-en. Puff Kuo will play the role of Wang Ai-lien, also known as Aiko, in the series. Esther Liu will be Li Shu-hua or Hana. Cherry Hsieh will be Chi Man-ju, also known as Ah-chi.

Light the Night Part 3

Part 3 will also see the return of Cammy Chiang. She portrayed the role of Lin Ya-wen and Yaya. Nikki Hsin-ying Hsieh will be in the role of Huang Pai-he, also known as Yuri; Rhydian Vaughan will be taking the role Chiang Han.

With the following, Cheryl Yang will also continue in the role of Su Ching-yi also Sue in most of the flashback scenes. Freya Fox will be joining the cast for season 3 as a club hostess.

Is the trailer for the Light the Night series out yet?

Yes, the trailer for the series is out now. It highlights how difficult it was to live a normal life for women in the late 1980s.

The viewers will be answered all the questions they had in the last season. The characters will display jealousy, friendship, and love. Light the night has developed a greater fan base.

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