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Launch of London’s First Same Day Photo and Video Studio

Shahina Khatun



The concept of pioneering makes the creation of videos and images content which are not only available, but also are very affordable. Let us thank to the utilization of the state of art technology and their high end equipment for photography. It doesn’t matter whether a customer is searching for an engaging imagery for the social media or the marketing content, the HYPER CRUNCH studio which is located on the City Road guarantees the concept to delivery within 24 hours. Customers, after selecting the preferred slot on website of HYPER CRUNCH, they can choose either to bring the products to studio, or they can pick up the Pop Studio service of HYPER CRUNCH and even can return those items after shooting.

The company is also offering a photoshoot session for around an hour in exchange for £300 and along with it; they will also provide 30 guaranteed edited images or at least 2 videos at the next working day. However, during the photoshoot session, more photos can be taken and the customers may also have another option to buy more edited images for bolt-on fee.

The founder and CEO of the HYPER CRUNCH Mehdi El Azhari said that the HYPER CRUNCH was disrupting an industry which hadn’t moved in 20 years and the beginning of their studio was another way in which they were aiding the small businesses to produce high quality and effective content at a reasonable price.

The Studio right now is serving their clients in the London area, but the HYPER CRUNCH is looking to start more video and photo studios.

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