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LaTribuna Christian Publishing Reports on How to Protect Ourselves and Our Loved Ones from the Corona-Virus

Shahina Khatun



Chaplain Paul Vescio, who has served in healthcare for more than 10 years as a Community Chaplain, now has written an e-book named, “How to Protect Our Families in American Health Care.”

Chaplain Paul Vescio, CEO of LaTribuna Christian Publishing, quotes the words: “Influenza and the Corona-virus are another awakening in a long string of destructive viruses. How to protect yourself and your loved ones from conceivable disease? The appropriate response or I should state some portion of the solution is in washing hands frequently, The CDC prescribes washing hands regularly so as to decrease the chance of infection. Consider what number of things we contact in a day. The gas siphon and the charge card machine, the lift buttons, the entirety of the catches at the self-checkout at the supermarket. The staple truck, entryway handles, spigots, our mobile phones, PC keys, handles, cash, we contact and handle things in the store constantly. The list continues endlessly, and we don’t consider the way that disease is effectively spread along these lines.”

Additionally, cited the expressions of cleric Paul: “On the off chance that you or any individual from your family is managing influenza, at that point it would not hurt this individual to wear a surgical mask and gloves. This lessens the spread of disease in medical clinics. If you or one of your relatives works in a nursing home or clinic, request them to remove their shoes when they return home. Use bleach wipes to clean shoes. Wipe canned goods, bottles before bringing them into your home. “

He continues, “wash your hands often, as a Community Chaplain I see very frequently how simple disease spreads in an emergency clinic setting. Always try not to cough or sniffle into your hands, remain at home when you’re sick. Never visit anyone in a hospital or nursing home when you’re ill or even have a cold. Above all pray for God’s guidance, protection and love in these matters and keep in mind that proverbs 3:5-6 teaches, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths…Amen.”

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