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LaTribuna Christian Publishing Investigates Totally Preventable Medical Mistakes in the American Hospitals

Shahina Khatun



A recent study by Johns Hopkins claims that more than 250000 people across the entire United States die each year due to medical errors while the other reports claim that the number is as high as 440,000 which translates over 1100 death per day because of entirely preventable medical mistakes.

These medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of the death right after the deaths caused by cancer and heart diseases. The advocates are now fighting back and is pushing for something greater legislation to ensure safety for the patients.

Chaplain Paul D Vescio serves as a Volunteer Community Chaplain in the Acute Respiratory Care Center and Rehab. He knows the first hand for the needs of the additional safety measures. He said that saving lives is as easy as staying home and washing the hands if anybody who works in a hospital setting is ill. He also said that the necessity to educate the general people on the mechanism how the infection actually spreads and how they as a nation can easily prevent this spreading infection is crucial in decreasing the number of deaths in each year due to the preventable medical mistakes.

Besides, Chaplain Paul D Vescio also has written an excellent e-book which is entitled “How to Protect Our Families in American Health Care.” The instruction included in this book is nicely explained and very simple. The book can provide the general people an excellent instruction on how people can protect their families and themselves when they are in the America’s health care system.

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