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Kvellix LLC Announces Big Events to Make Staying with Family More Fun

Shahina Khatun



The spread of coronavirus is not a new event anymore when people are now habituating with terms like social distance, isolation, and quarantine. As we know, mankind is not meant to live isolated; these pre-stated terms are shading uncertainty over people’s lives. Entertainment industries are putting their best efforts to come up with innovations and introduce them to the people so that they can enjoy themselves in such a situation.

The creator of NUTSO, Kvellix LLC, is planning to reach more people to entertain them at this captivating moment. Like all other entertainment companies, Kvellix LLC has also realized the need for something that can make this isolation period more fun. Recently, Kvellix LLC has announced some very exciting events it’s going launch.

NUTSO is a general poker styled card game, but it has some extra twists. It is a merging of two popular games of card genre, Texas Hold’em Poker and UNO. 

It takes more than one player to play the game. So, if it comes to making time with family more fun, it does worth giving NUTSO a shot.

Moreover, Kvellix LLC has announced that people all over the United States can subscribe to the game totally free of charge. First, we decided to give everyone in the United States a free subscription to the NUTSO app. All people have to do is download the app from Google Play Store or the Amazon App store. They can play NUTSO with anybody in the U.S., no matter how far lives or works. The company has also announced NUTSO Family Game Night National Championship. Now is the time to gather family and friends to join in Family NUTSO Champion Game Night.

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