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Kopp Development Inc. Has Acquired Mednovus, Inc. Ferromagnetic Detection Business

Shahina Khatun



Kopp Development is now expanding the MRI safety product line with the acquisition to involve the hand held FerrAlert Target Scanner line. Kopp had already the most expensive product to offer in the industry and with the addition of this hand held products detector. Kopp has now a product for every aspect of MRI safety considering the entire magnetic field of MRI machine. Along with the product detector and the FMDS technology, the Kopp has also acquired another 8 patents and now Kopp also has around 23 United States and the international patents with additional patents pending and with this amazing intellectual property of foundation, the Kopp will become the innovator of the technology as well as the MRI Safety leader in the long run too.

The president of the Kopp, named Keith Kopp said that he was quite excited by that acquisition and Mednovus was an established leader in that field and with more than 2000 detectors in utilization and the track record was well established too. They intended to create the foundation to make that MRI experience protected from all. Kemp Massengill, the President of Mednovus said that they were honored to pass Mednovus baton as well as the legacy of the excellence to Keith Kopp and the exceptional team for developing the Kopp and the acknowledged the world leader in the ferromagnetic detection. That was a main safety step for the care of their customers. They provided the safety for millions of patients undergoing that procedure each year.

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