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Kit, the product curation site owned by Patreon, sold to Geniuslink

Daniel Scott



Kit sold to GeniusLink

You must have heard your favourite content creators talk about the platform Patreon. Patreon is a platform where you can support your favourite creators by subscribing to the plans created by them. This money will go to the creators who will do something exclusively for all the Patreon members. Since then, YouTube has also added a feature similar to Patreon which is known as YouTube membership. Now, we can tell you that Patreon has made a deal with localized affiliate link service Geniuslink in which they have sold the assets of to them.

Basically, Kit is a platform where all the creators from YouTube, Instagram or any other platform create a Kit of things which they love or recommend. As far as Kit is concerned, the company describes themselves as “a community of creators sharing the products they swear by.” On Kit, you will find that most of your creators would have made “Kits” of products that they themselves are using and want you to purchase them. Here, you can like the kit as well as buy the products mentioned in the Kit as the links are given right below the products. Apart from that, you can follow the creators on Kit as well so that you get notified whenever they add new items to their Kit.

When someone buys a product from Kit, the influencer who has listed the item gets an affiliate commission and SimilarWeb says that Kit currently has 2.3 Million web monthly visitors. However, we believe that the acquisition of Kit by Patreon did not go as per plan. In June 2018, Patreon acquired Kit and Patreon’s SVP Product Wyatt Jenkins said at that time it was “close to an acqui-hire,” and added that “although Kit is a good revenue source for a lot of creators — so it’s not a shut-down of Kit — we’re maintaining it but not iterating on it.” 

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