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Joseph Fagan Named account Administrator at the RT Specialty

Shahina Khatun



Joseph Fagan has been given a title an account administrator within the National Environmental and Construction Professional Liability Practice of the RT Specialty, which is based in the Hamilton of NJ. Joseph Hagan will work with the senior staffs directly so that he can provide support to the ongoing newer businesses, sales, policies, claims and account management service initiatives. The president of RT named Jefferey S Lejfer said that Joseph Fagan represented the following wave of the young professionals from that they intended to grow the company continually and their objective had always been to create a strong organization which thrived on teamwork, learning as well as fulfilling the needs of customers with intelligent services and prompt. He fitted deeply into that world and they look forward to working with Joseph since they transitioned into the following decade.

Fagan is a resident of the Belmar in New Jersey and carries a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. He completed his degree from The College of New Jersey. Also, he is an active member of Financial Association based in the Ewing of New Jersey.

If you want to contact Joseph Fagan, you can reach him at 609.528.3917 or over email

The RT New Day is a division of the R-T Specialty, LLC and is a great specialty resource for the brokers as well as for the agents and is assisting them along with their clients to find high quality and appropriate construction and environmental associated professional liability insurance service provider.

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