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JOGO Health to Launch 30 Digital Therapeutics Clinics in Malaysia to Treat Stroke, Pain and Incontinence

Shahina Khatun



JOGOHEALTH Inc. is a USA based digital therapeutics company which focuses on the commercialization as well as the development of the treatments for the neuromuscular situations like injury in the spinal cord, stroke, cerebral palsy, incontinence, pain and around 17 other conditions. JOGOHEALTH, today has announced that they have entered into the partnership with the JJOGOHealth Stroke Center Sdn. In Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to open around 30 treatment centers throughout the Malaysia within the next 24 months. All those clinics will be the franchises of the JOGO Health Inc. and will also follow the treatment standards as well as quality made by the USA experts.

The CEO of JOGO Health Inc. named Sanjai Murali said that he was too excited to select Malaysia as their first pilot country to open the treatment centers particularly focused on utilizing the JOGO digital therapeutics technology to medicate 17 conditions. He added that JOGO was the result of 10 years of toil of works by some of the best scientists across the world.

The Founder Director of the JOGO Health Stroke Center Sdn BHD named Navresh Murugiah said that according to the recent data provided by WHO and the Human Genome Centre of Malaysia, stroke is regarded as one of the top 10 reasons for hospitalization in the Malaysia. Furthermore, stroke is also among the top 5 diseases with the largest burden of the disease. Navresh Murugiah also said that they were thrilled to enter in an agreement with the JOGO Health USA to open up the treatment centers throughout the Malaysia.

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