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In Europe, Facebook Must Remove More Content If Ordered

Shahina Khatun



The top court of the European Union had given the judges in the broader power to remove the Facebook posts and to deal with a fresh and new blow to this tech giant because it faces the growing regulatory headwinds on the both sides of Atlantic. Also the court of justice in the EU on Thursday said that a judge could order Facebook Inc. as well as the other social media companies to remove and scan for the posts which are alike. In some cases, there are some contents which are regarded as illegal and rude. The court also reported that no laws in the European Union that could stop the judges from ordering such orders globally to those social media companies. They only do it within the framework of relevant international laws.

This decision is now a new hit to the tech companies and a free speech activists which can even regulate the entire speech in the internet. On the contrary, the policy makers in the Europe as well as the others had proposed some new laws which host companies. The influence of the tech companies like Facebook include several complaints which they don’t do to stop the outbreak of the disinformation.

Facebook now has already removed the contents which are requested specifically under the local law. However in several cases, it has become accessible in the other portion of the world. Between the period of July and December 2018, Facebook published data and the most restrictions on the content came in Brazil, Pakistan and India. In addition, in the period Facebook even restricted around 1,148 pieces of content in Germany, 227 in France and 571 in Italy.

The push to drive the border removal of the contents by social media companies is like a shift from the older model to a newer one. In this case, companies  often remains protected by the old rules of the generation which shield them from the liability of the contents for their users.

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