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I Am Groot: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast and much more…



I Am Groot

One of the most loved characters from Guardians of the Galaxy will have his show, which will delight Marvel fans worldwide. Groot would also be getting his series, announced Marvel Studios. “I am Groot.” will stream on Disney+ from 10th August.

What is the synopsis of I Am Groot?

“I am Groot” would follow young Groot on his childhood adventures. “I am Groot” would alo be a series of shorts that would follow Groot on his adventures as he grows and gets into trouble among the stars.

The series is a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 and a prequel to Avengers: Infinity War.

Who are the cast and crew of the series?

Vin Diesel would reprise his role as Groot. Bradley cooper would join him as a cast member, playing the character of Rocket Raccoon. James Gunn would play the character of Wrist Watch, a new character. It is also the second series from Marvel Studios after WHAT IF… which would be an animation.

Kirsten Lepore will direct the series. Kevin Feige is the Executive Producer of the series. Daniele Luppi will also compose the series’s soundtrack. The series would be an animated series.

What is the release date for the series?

The series will release on 10th August, 2022. It will stream on Disney+. Since it is a short series, it would not release weekly. Speculations are that all the episodes would release together, making it a binge-watching series.

However, Marvel Fans all around the world seem excited about the series. Marvel Studios teased the series in the post-credit scene of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, and since then, fans have been are about the series.

Is the trailer for I Am Groot out yet?

Yes, the trailer for the series is already out. It was uploaded on 23rd July.

The series is set to be released on 10th August 2022.

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