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HypeBeast Limited the Collection Release “Colorblind” by LUCHEVIDA Drops

Shahina Khatun



In this wake of the frenzied teens around us who are vying to own the exclusive items of HypeBeast clothing which is the fashion brand of LUCHEVIDA in New York City. It is now making the mark across the work with the highly and qualified anticipated, 12 part T-shirt and limited-edition collection and all these American labeling in the clothes offer an exclusive but limited edition T shirts which are created in the United States of America.

The three pieces, logo box and hand laid T shirt will soon be available for purchasing as 12 part series collection which will be released at the right date. Based on the New York Time, on 23rd November at right 11 AM, the first piece from collection of the limited edition COLORBLIND will come in the world. COLORBLIND is basically pure and enlightened and is free from the judgment and also stands against the injustice. A spokesperson commented from the company that each of their T shirt from the collection would represent something very special. For an additional level of the excitement, the company had kept 12th T shirt of the collection quite a mystery and the website of the company also displays a binary code in place of the name of T shirt. Besides, the 12th mystery piece will soon be revealed on the 14th December of 2019 and also will be ready for purchasing on 14th August of 2021. Furthermore, the fashion enthusiasts are also welcome to pay a visit to the website of the company.

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