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HSJ Has Prepared A NEW HQ for Post COVID-19 World

Shahina Khatun



HSJ Inc., a technology consulting firm, is creating its new office for the post coronavirus use. Before getting into the office, visitors will be scanned for potential risk of COVID-19 in the lobby. There are other smart technologies to emphasize security like personalized signage solution that triggered by facial recognition, cellphone base access, mobile weapon detection and smart lighting. Visitors can also demo aggression and gunshot detection enabled cameras, advanced collaboration spaces, remote lockdown tools and latest audio-visual system incorporated multimedia section. HSJ has given its employees this unbiased access to the latest solutions to understand if the investment does worth it.

With the modern technology featured safe and secured office module, HSJ has set a model to other businesses to follow and ensure their people’s protection. The new office will be HSJ’s new Headquarter, and it allows the company to expand its lab and test the system’s compatibility and reliability.

HSJ is helping its clients keep their facilities safe and launch quality technology systems. The headquarter they are working on right now will provide them with an additional space to house a lab for apprentice startups that will be focused on innovating new security technology and solutions for healthcare. HSJ is now planning on launching an Incubator and seeking local college partnerships like the upcoming MedNex program of the University of North Florida. Student engineers of these institutions will be provided with opportunities for internships. They will be able to work with various experts from HSJ on a wide variety of projects. Universities are showing a positive response.

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