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How I Met Your Father; Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and other details



How I Met Your Father

It is good news for all the How I Met your mother fans. How I Met Your Father is set to release on 18th January on Hulu. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas directed the show.

Is it the spin-off, or can we expect something new?

The show is going to follow a similar format. It will have more of a feminine perspective. The main character sets out to find the love of her life. Also, her dating struggles with Tinder. It will start with Sophie (the lead) telling her son the story.

The show will also feature friendship and emotions. Sophie will travel back in time. The series will include flashbacks and the present time.

Who is starring in “How I Met Your Father”?

“How I Met Your Father” has an amazing star cast. Hillary Duff, the Maguire Legend, will play Sophie (the lead). Chris Lowell (Jesse) is the teacher in the show. It also has an amazing side star cast. Valentina (Francia Raisa), Charlie (Tom Ainsley), Ellen (Tien Tran), and Sid (Suraj Sharma).

Josh Pack(Drew) is playing the vice-principal. And Ashley Reyes (Hannah), who will play Sid’s long-distance girlfriend. Daniel Augustin will play one of the tinder dates, Sophie. And, last but not least, Kim Cattrall will play the older Sophie on the show.

Is the trailer for “How I Met your father” out?

Yes, you can check out the trailer now. The trailer showcases the beautiful dynamics between Sophie and her friend. Sophie is trying to fall in love with dating apps. She is optimistic. Also, believe that she is on her way to meeting the love of her life.

The trailer revolves around her figuring out a way to survive in love. The age of dating apps is also taking turns in the trailer.

Overall, the viewers can expect the show to feature comedy. Be ready to join Sophie on the emotional roller coaster ride of love.

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