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Highlights for the Children to Donate up to 30000 Magazines to Kids Need to Read in Honor of Giving Tuesday

Shahina Khatun



On 3rd December Tuesday, Kids Need to Read, will partner with the Highlights during the Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is an annual fundraising campaign which is conducted by the nonprofits across the nation. Kids Need to Read enjoys highly successful and a unique partnership with the Highlights to raise thousands of magazines of the children for distributing to the disadvantaged youth throughout the nation. For each of the magazine ordered on the 3rd December, Tuesday, Kids Need to Read will get around 12 copies of the Highlights High Five to provide to the children in need of crucial reading resources. It is a severely impactful endeavor and with the campaign of the last year that resulted in the donation value at $404,634 for the distribution to all children living under difficult circumstances.

The Executive Director of the Kids Need to Read named Denise Gary said that the magazines were powerful and for that reason, the Highlights and Highlights High Five magazines had been an important part of the Kids Need to Read programs. Besides, wherever they go, they will provide the Highlights or Highlights High Five Magazines. They would put that in the hands of every children. He added that they had found them to be the most effective resource which could attract the children to read and to feel very fortunate to have a wonderful partnership with Highlights. Being astonished, he concluded that their work would aid the kids to discover the joy of reading books as well as the power of a literate mind.

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