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HealthPoint Plus Has Announced Financial Projections and Timeline for Audit Completion and Direct Listing of Its Stock on OTC Market

Shahina Khatun



HealthPoint Plus is the provider of the subscription based tele-health services which offers the unlimited access to live doctors on the monthly basis for the participants as well as their families through video conferencing from the mobile device. HealthPoint has provided the financial projections as well as a timeline for the public listing of their common stock.

The company is lesser than 2 weeks away from finishing the 2 year PCAOB audit and it is the final stipulation demanded by Securities and Exchange Commission to become included in the S-1 Registration Statement filing. The S-1 filing will register the HealthPoint Plus stock to become freely tradable for every shareholder on over the counter market.

Previously on 8th October, 2019, the company had announced a partnership with the DataPath, Inc. which is the leading developer of the technology solutions for the employer sponsored benefits administration. The CEO of the HealthPoint Plus named Robert Goddard said that he believed that with their latest partnership along with the increases in the organic sales which their sales should have increased to $50 to $60 million annually in the following 3 months. Besides, their telehealth reduced the cost of total healthcare substantially for any employer, associations and unions making the merging of the HealthPoint Plus a compelling and an easier choice.

HealthPoint Plus, Inc. is a leader of the upcoming generation healthcare, and they provide the Telehealth, High Deductible Health Plans, Hybrid Direct Primary Care and the Health Savings Accounts. It also delivers the services across the 50 states.

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